Art Expectations 256 Spiral Down

256 GreatExp Spiral Down

[page 276] Knowing that the convict needs to stay hidden (from the law), Pip closes all the shutters and locks the doors. He puts the convict up in Herbert’s room. Pip is out in the living room alone now, unable to sleep. As he sits by the fire, the truth starts to really sink in, how wretched he is. “The ship in which I had sailed was gone to pieces.” He believes Miss Havisham’s intentions for him to have Estella to be a mere dream in his head. But the deepest pain of all was that he’d deserted Joe (and Biddy). He can never undo what he’s done and go back to them. So, what will he do now? Continue on as before, taking the convict’s money and living the high life?

Art Expectations 255 Caged

Pip in a Cage

The convict implies that he “owns” Pip, a brought-up (by him) London gentleman. (Who is the prisoner now?) He puts his weathered hand on Pip’s shoulder. Pip is still stunned by the news and by having this bit of his past standing here in his fancy London flat. The convict asks for a place to sleep. Pip offers him Herbert Pocket’s room, since he’s still away on business. The convict says they must be very careful though. Why? It appears that he is still a wanted man here in London, since he had escaped from prison before heading to America. At least something is finally happening! Wonder what’s next?

Art Expectations 254 Riches

254 GreatExp riches150

The convict admires Pip’s belongings: a fine gold watch, a ring set with diamonds and rubies (really, Pip?!), fine clothing and furnishings and hundreds of books. He says he understands that Pip was not prepared for this news (that HE is the benefactor, not Miss Havisham). But he has waited for this, looking forward to this moment for a long time… the reveal. He tells Pip he himself received some inheritance from his sheep employer. He knew he’d never make a good gentleman himself, so he set out to make one of Pip. I wonder what will happen now with Pip’s relationship with Miss H and Estella?

Art Expectations 253 Herding


[Day 253, Page 273] We are still in Pip’s new high apartment, during the storm, with Pip and the convict. The convict found Pip’s address by writing to Wemmick. He tells Pip he is indeed the person who has made a gentleman of him. Pip is so taken by this news (having thought it to be Miss Havisham all along) that he has to sit down. This has been very generous of the convict! He admits he worked hard and did without so that Pip wouldn’t have to. The convict is so proud of what he has accomplished with Pip. (Pip is still repulsed by the man.) The convict tells of how he lived in a hut, herding sheep, all alone, thinking only of Pip. Pip recoils from his touch.

I rolled some acrylic paint onto a phone book and did some painting and drawing on top of that. Here is the convict in his hut, in America, I believe. He called it the new country. I didn’t think you could make that much money from herding sheep, but what do I know about herding sheep?!

Art Expectations 252 Realization


Pip gets out his purse (wallet) intending to give the two one-pound notes BACK to the convict, thinking he could use the money again. And also probably hoping to not get robbed! The convict gently folds the money and burns it in the lamp-fire! He asks Pip exactly HOW he has done so well. Pip says he was chosen to succeed to some property. “What property, from whom, and how much?” the convict wants to know. But then he starts to guess at the answers…
- “5 since coming of age” CORRECT
- a guardian, a lawyer, name starting with a “J” CORRECT

WHAT?! It looks like the convict has perhaps been the source of Pip’s success all this time. But what about Miss Havisham? What has been her part in all this? Pip struggles for his breath. Wow, I kind of saw this coming. Or maybe it was that I had a vague memory of it from when I read it many years ago. Exciting! Wow, glad something finally happened though!

Art Expectations 249-51 Stormy Life


[Day 249, Page 268]
Pip lets the man he found on his staircase during the stormy night in to his apartment. He does not recognize the older, balding, browned, weathered man. But the man seems to know him well. And glad to see him, reaching both his hands out to Pip. Pip does not take them. He does let the man sit by his fire to warm himself. {Here’s a peak at the stormy sea outside Pip’s door at the bottom of the stairs.}

[Day 250, Page 270] Page 269 contains an illustration of Pip on the stairs along with the outstretched hands of the older man in the book. As Pip studies the weathered man more, he comes to the sick realization that he is the CONVICT from many years ago! As a boy, Pip was threatened by this man and helped him by bringing him some drink, food and money while he was hiding from the law. Now, many years later, the convict takes Pip’s hands in his and kisses them. He tells Pip he shall never forget Pip’s noble act. Pip says there’s no need for a thank-you and he hopes the criminal has changed his ways. I am sure Pip is more than a little scared for his life and belongings right now! {I did a quick sketch of the convict’s weathered all-knowing (all-seeing) hands.}

[Day 251, Page 271]
Pip offers the weary and wet convict a drink but makes clear that he can’t stay the night. The man becomes teary-eyed which softens Pip. He apologizes for being so harsh to him and asks what he has been up to all these years. He tells Pip he has done very well as a sheep-farmer, a stock-breeder and various other trades in the new world. Pip recalls how he had given the convict 2 one-pound notes long ago. And then he was re-paid this amount from the convict by a messenger. {A quick sketch with paint-pens and acrylic. I was going to paint the mushroom red, but decided I liked it chalky white. I gave myself a limited palette of 3 colors, plus the black of the background. It’s refreshing to sometimes limit yourself!}

Art Expectations 246-8 Lit, Alone, Stormy


[Day 246, Page 265]  Estella compares herself to a lit candle, attracting all sorts of ugly creatures (meaning Drummle). Pip tells her it makes him wretched to see her encouraging a man as despised as Drummle. She’s throwing away her “graces and attractions… on the lowest in the crowd.” She says to him, with a serious look, would you rather I “deceive and entrap you?” I kind of thought she was entrapping Pip. But maybe she doesn’t see it that way.

[Day 247, Page 266]  Estella continues her talk with Pip. She deceives and entraps ALL her suitors, all but him. Well, that’s good news, for Pip!

(Chapter 39) Pip is now 23. Since turning 21, he has heard no further mention of his benefactor or his expectations and what is to become of him. He and Herbert have moved from the decrepit Barnard’s Inn to the Temple in the Garden Court by the river. (Inns of the Court, where lawyers often resided) A step up!

 He’s left alone more now, since Herbert has his business to run (which Pip arranged). Herbert is off to Marseilles on a business trip, leaving Pip feeling “dispirited and anxious.” He misses his friend and turns to reading often.

[Day 248, Page 267] “It was wretched weather; stormy and wet, stormy and wet; and mud, mud, mud, deep in all the streets.”
“We lived at the top of that last house, and the wind rushing up the river shook the house that night, like discharges of cannon, or breakings of a sea.” Pip imagines he’s in a lighthouse alone during this storm. He shuts his book at 11 pm and hears a footstep on the staircase outside his door. Who would be out on a night like this?! He calls out, asking if someone is there. “Yes.” Creepy… who is it?

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