Art Expectations 314 Forgiveness

314 GreatExp Forgiveness 150

{Day 314, Page 336} (Pip is with Miss Havisham at her home discussing money, as usual. It was always money or Estella!)
He begins to explain his relationship with Herbert and how he secretly came about setting up the business for him. The money used was of course from Magwitch, although Pip had thought it to be from Miss H. He still owes 900 pounds to complete the transaction. Miss H says she’ll give him this money. But he has to keep her secrets as well as she’ll keep his. He agrees. She asks if he is still unhappy. He tells her yes, but there are other causes of this unhappiness of which he cannot speak of. She asks if there is anything she can do for him, not just for his friend. Pip answers on the next page.

Since starting this project in January 2012, I knew I wanted to not only try new materials, but also play around with different styles. To challenge myself to work differently. It’s been fun, but not always with successful results. Perusing the internet (Pinterest) I have been influenced by some wonderful artists and illustrators. I know some of my work reflects this but also with some of myself mixed in. Here is a piece I whipped out yesterday using collage papers, some with gelli plate printing, bits of an old Sears Roebuck catalog, paint markers and gel pens with acrylic painting. This is one of my favorites so far!

Art Expectations 313 Lonely Bells

313 GreatExp lonely bells 150

{Day 313, Page 335} (Pip has traveled back home to visit Miss Havisham.) Once in town, he walked a different route to get to Satis House. He walked by abandoned refectories and gardens, all very bleak. (Maybe it was just his mood though.) The cathedral bells sounded like funeral music. He knew that Estella was lost to him forever. He found Miss H alone seated in front of the fire. The place was still in disrepair. She didn’t seem to hear or see him so he walked to stand in front of her. He thought how he too had become “part of the wrecked fortunes of that house”. She said she wanted to honor his request to help out his friend, Herbert, financially. To finish the business deal with Herbert’s business partner.

Here is the second sketch I did with the Art Graf graphite sticks. I got smart and did this one on watercolor paper. Much better!

Art Expectations 312 Molly & Estella

312 GreatExp Molly & Estella 150

{Day 312, Page 334}
continuing with the murder trial of Molly…
Jaggers “found” proof that the scratches on Molly’s hands were from a thicket of brambles (not from the murdered woman’s fingernails due to a struggle). Bits of Molly’s dress were found on the brambles and bits of brambles were found in Molly’s scratches. This was Jaggers’ first real big case. The opposition claimed that Molly had a three year old daughter by the murdered woman’s husband. But the child was no longer around and they claimed that Molly killed her to revenge the man. Jaggers was able to argue against this… it wasn’t a murder case for the child. In the end, Jaggers and Molly won. She was acquitted. But she’d lost her daughter and was under the employment of and debt to Jaggers for the rest of her life.

After Pip learned this story, the story of Molly, from Wemmick, Wemmick tells him that he got Pip’s letter about seeing Wopsle at the theatre and about being followed by Compeyson. The next morning (Chapter 49) Pip goes to visit Miss Havisham at her request.

I bought some ArtGraf water soluble graphite sticks. These are really cool! You can draw with them, shading and lines. Adding water with a brush turns them into graphite washes. Decided to give them a try and do this sketch of two women. I am assuming that Molly hasn’t seen her daughter, Estella since she was a young child. This was when Molly was tried for murder, then went to work for Jaggers, giving Estella up to be raised by Miss Havisham. I did two sketches. This is the first on very thin sketchbook paper (mistake). The paper warped and even tore in one place. That’s OK though. I still like how it turned out.

Art Expectations 311 Molly’s Strength

311 GreatExp Molly 150

{Day 311 Page 333}  As Pip and Wemmick continue walking after dinner, Wemmick begins to tell Pip the story of Molly, Jaggers’ maid. (Pip is starting to suspect that Molly is Estella’s real mother.) Many years ago, Molly was tried for murder. She was beautiful so this caused quite a stir around London town. This was also Jaggers’ first big case, early in his career. The murdered person was a woman about ten years older than Molly. Molly, the woman and the dead woman’s husband all “led tramping lives”. I’m guessing they were all gypsies. This was a love triangle. So I am thinking Molly was having an affair with the husband, or maybe the wife was just jealous, suspecting something. There was a fight between the two women in a barn. Molly won the fight, and strangled the woman to death with her bare hands. (Pip recalls Jaggers pointing out Molly’s strong wrists and hands at a dinner party years earlier.) At the trial, Jaggers had her dress very daintily with her arms covered. The scratches on her hands were said to be from walking through a thicket of brambles.

I finally had time to sit and work on the next page. I did a painting of Molly in acrylic. This is larger than what I have done recently (all those car-sketches!) I was ready to do something more detailed. I got some new pencils in the mail (addicted to art supplies!) earlier this summer so I think my next one will be a pencil sketch. Back to the basics!

Art Expectations 310 Open Up

310 GeatExp Mailman 150

[Day 310, Page 332]   Jaggers’ maid, Molly, appears during their dinner only a few more times. Jaggers speaks sharply to her. Pip is now certain that she is Estella’s mother. How did Molly end up working for Jaggers and Miss Havisham end up raising Estella? During the meal, wine flows freely and Wemmick remains very business-like toward Pip. His mouth is like a mail box accepting wine and food. No talk of Magwitch and what is to happen with that situation.

Wemmick and Pip finally leave Jaggers’ house together. At this time, Wemmick returns to his usual relaxed, friendly self with Pip. They make small talk. Pip has got to be dying to talk about Magwitch and Estella and her mother. He asks Magwitch to tell him about Molly. Very early in the book Wemmick had told Pip to notice Molly’s hands and wrists. They agree that what is said between them goes no further. Agreed. Now tell us the story Dickens!!!

Art Expectations 308/309 Sketches

308 GreatExp Caught 150

309 GreatExp 150

[Day 308, Page 330]  At dinner, Pip tries to catch Wemmick’s eye, but Wemmick looks only at Jaggers. He comes across as dry and distant. Nothing is mentioned of Magwitch. He has a note from Miss Havisham to Pip. Wemmick hands the note to Jaggers, who then hands it to Pip. Miss H wishes to discuss some business with him. It’s decided that Pip will go the very next day. Jaggers changes the subject by exclaiming that the spider (Drummle) played his cards and got the girl (Estella). But, he continues, Drummle may not win in the end. He is all brute and no brain.

[Day 309, Page 331]   Jaggers proposes a toast to Estella (who isn’t there, it’s just Pip, Jaggers and Wemmick at dinner). Dickens’ language is a little confusing here (again) but I believe Jaggers says something to the effect of “may she choose the supreme man and be satisfied.” This is a painful subject for Pip. Molly, the maid, brings in a plate of food and something about how she holds her fingers, like knitting, seems vaguely familiar to him. (Is Molly Estella’s true mother?!) Pip puts two and two together, while thinking of Estella’s eyes and hands.

Here are two more “on the road” sketches. I’m lucky my husband did most of the driving so I could catch up on Art Expectations. Plus it made the hours and hours (14 total) of driving through desert pass by a little more easily!

Art Expectations 307 Second Meeting

307 GreatExp Jaggers Tasks 150

[Day 307, Page 329 Chapter 48]   Pip had earlier mentioned two strange meetings. That was the first: running into Wopsle and hearing that Compeyson was seated behind him at the theatre. Following is a description of the second, happening a week after the first. Pip had been out rowing again and due to low tide had docked his boat at the wharf. He was walking along, deciding where to have dinner, when Jaggers comes up beside him, looping his arm in Pip’s. He suggests they dine together. Pip is about to decline when Jaggers tells him that Wemmick will be joining them. They stop off at Jaggers’ office so he can close up for the day (letter-writing, hand-washing, candle-snuffing, safe-locking). As Pip waits during this daily process, the creepy head casts seem to be playing a game with him, dancing in the flickering candlelight. The dripping wax on the candles looks like sheets used to wrap a corpse. Pip feeling a little morbid?

This is another sketch created in the car en route on family trip to Colorado. When I started working on my blog on this trip, I actually counted the pages that I have left. Only 85! You can say, well, that’s just shy of 100 still left to go. Or, you can say, only 85 left, after doing around 300!

Art Expectations Day 306 – 100 Doors

306 GreatExp 100 doors 150

[Day 306, Page 328]   The man Wopsle saw in the audience at the theatre seated behind Pip was Compeyson, the convict Magwitch was beating up in the ditch way back when Pip was a child. He is the very one who jilted Miss Havisham at the altar, leaving her heart-broken and wallet-broken. Pip tries to act surprised when Wopsle tells Pip who the man was. Inwardly, he felt as if he “had shut an avenue of a hundred doors to keep him out, and then found him at his (my) elbow.” Pip gets back home at The Temple between midnight and 1:00 am. He saw no one following him. He tells Herbert about Compeyson and the theatre. He then writes to Wemmick with the news and reminding him that they still await instructions from him.

Art Expectations 305 Stalker

305 GreatExp 150

{Day 305 Page 327}
Walking away from the theatre, Wopsle tells Pip that the person he saw behind Pip in the audience left before the play ended. He asks Pip if he remembers one Christmas Day when he was little and they were dining at his house with Mrs Joe and Joe. Some soldiers had stopped by to have Joe repair some handcuffs in his blacksmith shop. Oh yeah, Pip remembers. The men had also joined with the soldiers in hunting down some escaped convicts that night. Oh boy, does Pip remember. They found the two convicts in a ditch fighting. (Pip now knows that they were Magwitch and Compeyson.) Wopsle tells Pip that the man in the audience behind Pip was one of those convicts. Well, we’re pretty sure it wasn’t Magwitch! (He’s still in hiding.)

Here is another on-the-road piece, a pencil sketch of the theatre audience.

Art Expectations 303 & 304 Chance Encounter

303 greatExp Wopsle 150

304 GreatExp 150

[Day 303 Page 325]  Pip has been busy rowing up and down the river. One afternoon in February, he pulls ashore, leaving his boat to be delivered to him later. It was a night of low tide and high fog. He decides to treat himself to dinner and a show. He goes to a play at the theatre where he once saw Mr Wopsle perform. Pip had not heard from nor seen Wopsle since that flop of a performance. The play he sees tonight is a light comedy containing crude remarks about sailors. Low and behold, Wopsle is in this play also! He’s wearing a star and orders the sailors to all go to prison.

[Day 304 Page 326]  During the play at a point where Wopsle is seated on stage looking out at the audience, he spots Pip. During the second play, he is dressed in an embarrassing lady’s costume, crawling around on stage. During all of this he stares alarmingly at Pip in the audience. Once the play is over, Pip and Wopsle meet up outside and walk together. He tells Pip he saw someone else that he recognized sitting right behind Pip! Who?! Maybe Pip IS being followed.

Here are two more “quickies” that I created en route to Colorado… long car ride… lots of desert, but pretty… and very few art supplies with me. I am so glad I got to read a small chunk of the book and get back into it. Onward!