Art Expectations 235 Sly Wemmick


[I'm back! I finished my taxes and so hope to get moving on this project again. Hooray!]

As the Aged reads the paper out loud, Wemmick has to occasionally save him from catching his hair or the newspaper on fire from the nearby candles. Wemmick sits very close to Miss Skiffins and slowly inches his arm around her waist. (Wemmick is making his move!) As he does this, his mouth slowly spreads into a wide grin. She quietly removes his arm and places it on the table beside them. This happens several times as Pip watches on and listens to the Aged read. They all have a warm drink and Pip notices that Wemmick and Miss Skiffins drink from the same glass. Maybe they’ll get married?

Art Expectations 235 Toast & Tea


[Day 234, Page 252]

Back inside Wemmick’s castle, Pip finds Miss Skiffins preparing a jorum (a giant container for holding beverages) of tea and the Aged buttering a tall haystack of toast. As they dine, the wooden flaps (one also with Miss Skiffins’ name on it) spasmodically flap open and shut on their own. (Something’s not working quite right!) This makes Pip nervous at first but he gets used to it and becomes very comfortable there. After stuffing themselves with the tea and toast they all feel “warm and greasy”. They settle in while the Aged prepares to read the paper aloud to them.

This is an acrylic painting on a chapter book cover. I will be working on my taxes (ugh) for the next few weeks so you may not hear from me much! Wish me luck!

Art Expectations 233 Garden Guilt


[Day 233, Page 251]

Pip gets Wemmick alone out in the garden. Now is his chance to ask Wemmick’s opinion, again, about giving money to Herbert Pocket to help him out in his business pursuits and with his debt. Pip feels guilty because perhaps he’s helped Herbert gain that debt. He also possibly stole Miss Havisham’s great expectations away from Herbert. AND he still feels guilty about winning the fight against Herbert in her garden so long ago. Wemmick says he’ll think about it. He’ll ask Miss Skiffins’ brother, an accountant, for his advice and help. Pip states that Herbert must never know where the money comes from. (Just like him!)

Art Expectations 232 Miss Green Gloves


{Day 232, Page 250}

Pip chats with the Aged more while they wait for Wemmick. Suddenly there’s a clicking noise on the wall by the fireplace. Why, a wooden flap flips open revealing the name “Wemmick” (painted on)! How clever! Another of Wemmick’s inventions. They greet Wemmick at the drawbridge along with his lady-friend, Miss Skiffins. She’s somewhat wooden like Wemmick and dressed in a very orange gown and very green gloves. I painted acrylic on an old chapter book cover. It makes a nice thick board to work on. Have a great day!

Art Expectations 231 Wine Barrel Maker


[Day 231, Page 249] a very quick sketch on page 17

Chapter 37
On Sunday, Pip arrives at Wemmick’s Walworth castle-home to see about that other opinion (on loaning money to a friend). Pip chats with Wemmick’s father, the Aged, while they wait for Wemmick to return from a walk. He finds out that Wemmick was meant for a career in wine-coopering, not law. And the Aged was in the business of warehousing. A wine-cooper was basically a barrel-maker, for perhaps wine. He would have made the wooden part of the barrel, while the “hooper” bound it together with hoops of metal. (I think Wemmick made a better career choice!)

Art Expectations 230 21 Stones


[Day 230, Page 248]

Wemmick gives Pip some solid advice. If he gives money to a friend, he might as well throw the money and the friend into the Thames River from the top of one of the bridges! He will lose the money and the friend. He says you should only give money to someone you WANT to get rid of. {Wemmick admits that this is his opinion in the office, but that he might have a different opinion at home. Pip plans to meet him there at a later date to get that other opinion.}

As Pip and Jaggers head out, Pip thinks he would rather be dining with Wemmick than Jaggers. “Coming of age” seems “hardly worth while in such a guarded and suspicious world”. Our little Pip has become an adult, and with that comes responsibilities and decisions to make!

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