Art Expectations 292 Being Watched

292 GreatExp eye 150

In very vague terms, Wemmick explains that he heard that a certain uncolonial person with property had made a scene in a place where lots of people go, not for their gratification, possibly at the government’s expense. (So, uncolonial = non-American? Portable property = has money. A non-pleasurable place paid for by the government = prison or the courts?) This man has disappeared and not been seen or heard from since. That was about two nights ago, I believe. Wemmick also heard that Pip has been watched at his home in the Temple. Wemmick then proceeds to give the Aged his breakfast while Pip mulls over this information. Being watched, by who?

I did a painting of a very large eye from a sea creature. Pip does live by the river! But I am guessing he is being watched by someone looking for Magwitch, possibly being paid by Jaggers himself.

Art Expectations 291 What’s Home?

291 GreatExp Home? 150

[Day 291 Page 312]  Pip leaves the miserable hotel room at 7 am and heads straight for Wemmick’s Walworth home, the handmade castle. (Wemmick wrote the note warning Pip to not go home the night before. This is the morning after Pip found out Estella plans to marry Drummle.) He has to find out what Wemmick meant by that note! He arrives just as Wemmick is making breakfast (tea, sausage and toast) for the Aged, his father. He asks Pip to join in and help by cooking the sausage, which he proceeds to burn. Wemmick then starts to tell Pip what he knows. He left similar notes at the other Temple gates and will go gather them up and destroy them later that day. They are “evidence”. He tells Pip he accidentally overheard something yesterday morning. What???

Art Expectations 289 & 290 Sleepless

289 & 90 GreatExp 150

I first created the flat limited-color landscape of Pip walking all the way back to London for page 310. But it was lacking something. So I added in the many-eyed Argos monster mentioned on page 311. And wha-la! That was it. So here you go, two pages in one piece of work.

{Day 289 Page 310} After finding out about Estella’s impending marriage to Drummle, Pip walks all the way back to London! It must not be too far because he arrives just after midnight. He’s weary and muddy. The night watchman at the gate to his flat stops him, handing him a note. Pip is informed that he must read it right then and there. It’s from Wemmick and states, “Don’t go home.” Scary! (Chapter 45) He immediately leaves, rents a hackney chariot and heads to a hotel in Covent Garden. He is checked into a tiny room at the back, which contains an enormous bed, almost protruding into the hallway. There’s a sorry excuse for a night-light: a candle placed in a tall tin tower with holes punched in it. It makes a “staringly wide-awake pattern” on the walls. I take it Pip does not get much sleep this night!

{Day 290 Page 311} It’s true, Pip doesn’t sleep much. “I could no more close my own eyes than I could close the eyes of this foolish Argus.” (the Greek mythological creature with many eyes) He imagines hearing noises all night and bugs falling on him. He drifts off to a fitful sleep with the phrase “don’t go home” playing over and over in his head. His mind drifts between his unhappy parting with Estella earlier in the day and why he can’t go home. That has something to do with Magwitch most likely. “Do not thou go home, let him not go home, let us not go home, do not ye or you go home… I might not, could not, would not and should not go home.” Poor Pip.

Art Expectations 287 & 288 Bad News

287&8 GreatExp 150

{Days 287 & 288, Pages 308 & 309}

Pip is confronting Estella about Drummle. She admits that he is in town and pursuing her. In fact, she plans to marry Drummle! (This must truly break Pip’s heart.) They are still at Satis House, with Miss Havisham watching on, seeing Pip in all his misery. He tells Estella he knows he is lost to her but begs that she not marry Drummle. ANYONE but Drummle! He says Miss H has forced her to do it. Estella says it’s her decision and the wedding arrangements are already being made.

She tells Pip, “Say no more. We shall never understand each other…. you’ll forget me in a week.” Here Dickens writes a beautiful paragraph, having Pip describe the depth of his love for Estella: “You have been in every prospect I have ever seen since – on the river, on the sails of ships, on the marshes, in the clouds, in the light, in the darkness, in the wind, in the woods, in the sea, in the streets.” Crying, Pip kisses her hand good-bye. He wanders the streets, not ready to face Drummle at the Blue Boar or head back to London.  Not yet. I just wish he’d go visit Joe and Biddy while he’s in town!

Here are two more panels of the little accordion book. Each panel is only about 2.5 inches square, pretty small. These are very quick sketches, teeny little paintings. There are 14 total panels, front and back. I’ll keep on until I fill all of them. Have a great weekend!

Art Expectations Art Break!

Concentration Lauren 1 fb

concentration lauren 2 fb

OMG, I WILL finish this book some day! But in the meantime, here are some pics my daughter took for a school project. She’s 13 and used neon paint, a black light and several friends to paint on and pose. No photoshop was used, this amazes me!

I also enjoyed an interesting, wonderful show and visit with an old friend from grade school this weekend in Dallas! Here is a link to the show and gallery:

And a link to his site:

julie & Joe at exhibit

Art Expectations 286 Puppet

My friend Deanna gave me this tiny, hand-made, accordion book recently. Love it! It’s blank so I can fill it up with my own images. Here is my first panel, from page 307 in the book:

286 GreatExp Puppet 150

deanna folding book

{Pip is still at Satis House in Miss Havisham’s room, confronting her about his expectations, the fortunes he received from Magwitch, not from her. Estella is there also. Let’s listen in….} Pip now turns his attention to Estella and declares his love for her. She finally looks up at him, her fingers still busy knitting. She just shakes her head slowly at him. (This isn’t going to end well for Pip!) He admits he knows not what the future holds for him. Miss H watches intently. She has toyed with Pip’s feelings long enough. Estella responds saying she has no feelings for him, nothing in her heart. She warned him, didn’t she?

I also want to show you my Sad Clown altered book. I’ll be giving this to the City of Richardson Texas to be included in a silent auction basket benefitting the United Way. The basket will highlight some of the makerspace programs the library offers and the brand new 3D printer they have. (I’ll share pics of my 3D printed objects soon. It’s so much fun!)

sad clown cropped 2

Art Expectations 285 Green

285 GreatExp Green 150

[Day 285, Page 306]  As I read this page I thought about the jealousy of Miss H’s relatives for Pip and the greed they all had for her money. Jealousy : Greed: Money. I started out wanting to do an abstract painting in greens. But this ended up more of a collage. That always happens to me! It’s a very quick “sketch” collage. The story continues…

Pip continues confronting Miss Havisham in her house as Estella knits, listening in. He talks about the three women (Sarah Pocket, Georgiana and Camilla) who were jealous of him. He believes they also thought Miss H was giving her fortunes to him, a stranger, this young man, a non-relative. He was taking the money that was rightfully theirs. He also tells of his friendship with another of her relatives, Herbert Pocket. He asks Miss H if she can continue funding Herbert in secret as he will no longer be able to. (I think he plans to stop taking the money from Magwitch and try to make it on his own. That should be interesting, as he has no skills and no education. Although he does have some blacksmithing skills learned from Joe. If he were even willing to go back to being in that profession!) Miss H doesn’t say yes or no, but “What else?”


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