Great Expectations Day 1


1 GreatExp art

So, my teenage son, like many kids around the country right now, is being forced to read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I remember feeling the same way he does when I was told I had to read it…. oh, so many years ago. But when it was all said and done (and after memorizing the Cliff Notes), I loved it! Since I remember very little about the story and to commiserate with my son, I have decided to read it again. I am excited to re-read this wonderful tale. It will be “like new” to me since, seriously, I do not remember much about it! For an additional challenge, I have decided to create a work of art a day reflecting how I feel about what I have read. I’ll be reading one page a day (boy, this is gonna to take a while!) and creating one “some kind of art” per day. I hope that this challenges me to try new media and styles! I’m excited… so wish me luck! This is Day ONE.


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