Great Expectations Day 6


6 GreatExp art

Day 6 and it’s Sunday. Pip’s sister bursts in and finds Pip cowering from her. She grabs him and throws him to Joe, who pushes Pip into the chimney to protect him from Mrs Joe Gargery – and her hand with the Tickler. (Interesting how Dickens gave “Ticker” a capitalized T.) The Tickler is a cane used to rap little Pip when he’s been bad, when seen fit by his sister. She complains some more about having to raise Pip (and being married to a blacksmith) but then she starts to prepare the night’s dinner.

I used some collage papers and graphite pencil to depict this scene and how Pip might be scared of that “hand” that has been raising him. He has a lot of fear in him right now… fear of his sister and fear of the convict. He’s torn between doing what’s right (not stealing) and afraid of having his heart and liver cut out!

Day 7 tomorrow, and page 10 out of 412 pages in my book!


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