Great Expectations Day 7


7 GreatExp art

Just a quick little sketch of what I imagine Pip’s humble house to look like. If you are wondering why his right leg is bulging, it’s because he has stuffed his bread down his pant leg to hide it from Joe and Mrs Joe! He plans to sneak it out of the house and give it to the convict that he met by his parent’s grave site in the marshes. He’s very afraid of getting caught!


2 thoughts on “Great Expectations Day 7

  1. Julie, I love your blog and the artwork! Great Expectations was on TV recently. I didn’t have time to watch it though. When does Cole have to be finished with the book?

    Keep the blog going

    1. Thanks! Not sure what I was thinking… doing one EVERYday! Cole can’t seem to get into the book, even tried the audiobook. They are also reading Romeo and Juliet at the same time. That seems like a bad idea on the teacher’s part. Missed it on TV also. The movie is coming out soon, staring Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes. Sounds good! I like both of them.

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