Great Expectations Day 9


Dinner being over, Pip is given chores to do around the kitchen, which is very difficult with bread stuffed down his pants! He starts to feel it slip out, but manages after a while to sneak off to his room to deposit it. It’s Christmas Eve, and Pip is made to stir the Christmas pudding from 7-8 by the Dutch clock. He is so afraid, he thinks he hears the voice of the man with the iron on his leg, coming to claim his vittles (and Pip’s organs) early! Gun shots are heard off in the distance. Joe and Mrs Joe explain that an escaped convict is being fired at. Pip is very curious about this!

I drew this little Pip in Illustrator. I wish I had more time to do something with the table and flooring, but here it is. The shirt texture is from a scanned piece of art I did for a previous project. I hope I have conveyed the fear that Pip is feeling at this point in the story. Scared stiff!

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