Great Expectations Day 11


I made it past 10 posts! Yeah! Pip can’t sleep at night (Christmas Eve). Not because he is excited about Santa (did they have Santa back then?) but because he is still scared. He’s worried about stealing more food and getting sliced up by the convicts. (There is the one convict he talked to and the other one that this convict told him about, who doesn’t really exist.) Very early, when it’s just starting to get light out, Pip slips into the kitchen to look for more food (I mean, vittles) for the convict. He takes more bread, some cheese, mincemeat, brandy, a meat bone and a pork pie. The pork pie is beautiful, round and compact. (I’m getting hungry!) He finds a file in Joe’s tools and starts off with his loot to find the convict in the misty morning light of the marsh.

I decided to use more of the wonderful old Sears catalog with pictures of files and a gun. On top, I painted a little ghost ship, for the Hulks. A collage… to represent Pip’s fear. So much fear… I hope things look up soon!

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