Great Expectations Day 12


I think this is Christmas Day, since last night was Christmas Eve while Pip was stirring the Christmas pudding. But there is no mention of it! (I have never had Christmas pudding. I wonder if it’s good… like a cake or more of a pudding… fruit-like or spicy?)

Pip has sneaked (snuck?) out with his loot and is heading toward the marsh and the battery to find the convict. He is so scared of being caught. He imagines he hears someone yelling, “A boy with somebody-else’s pork pie!” Stop thief! He runs through the marsh barely able to see due to the heavy mist. He comes upon cows, which startle him, since he doesn’t see them until he is right upon them. Then there, right before him, is a large black ox looking clerical as if wearing a white cravat. He appears to be accusing Pip while smoke steams out of his nostrils.

I did a quick painting over an old engraving of a cow, turning him into an ox. This ox appears to be smiling, maybe mocking Pip. I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 13!

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