Great Expectations Day 13


Day 13, feeling very cold and blue. Not only because it’s finally feeling like winter here in Texas, but this part of the story is making me feel cold and blue! Pip, after running through the misty marsh at daybreak, comes upon a man sleeping sitting up. He believes it to be the convict, but after gently waking him, finds out it is a different man. He then believes it to be the other convict, the young one. After this convict runs off scared, Pip proceeds to the battery and finds the convict he met the previous day, giving him the food, brandy and file.

The convict is very cold, shivering, hugging himself and limping. Pip suspects he has the “ague”. I am guessing he is talking about the plague? The convict starts to gulp down the food and brandy.

I did a quick acrylic painting using metallic silver to represent the iron on the convicts leg, wrapping around the circles. This may not be my most successful painting (far from it), but I love these colors and it hopefully gives off the feelings of being cold, desperate and desolate.

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