Great Expectations Day 14


I did this VERY quick little painting on a piece of junk mail I received. I like to recycle when I can! I first painted the pork pie and then the bottle of Brandy. But instead of doing a still life on a table top (the convict is actually enjoying these treats in the battery not in a kitchen anyway) I did a landscape of what the trees in the marsh might look like. The painting appears very rough and primitive to me. I would normally consider this a “study” rather than a finished piece of art. But I still like it!

As the convict is enjoying the food, Pip thinks he looks like a dog, wolfing and biting and gulping food and worrying about intruders coming to take it away. The convict does thank Pip, in a round-about way. Pip tells the convict that he saw the “other” younger man. The convict seems started by this.

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