Great Expectations Day 15


Pip describes the “other” man to the convict as having a badly bruised face. Did the convict cause those bruises??? Pip asks the convict if he heard the cannon firing last night? The convict replies (in my own words), “Did I HEAR the firing?!? I hear it all night, even when it really isn’t there… red-coated soldiers hunting me down!” The convict is anxious to find the other man. So Pip leaves him to his leg, the file and the iron, sawing away.

I drew this entirely in Photoshop. No paint this time!

Did you know a new Great Expectations movie is coming out soon? I did not know it. I don’t think I will go see it, since I will be no where near finishing the book by then! But it looks good. I’ll have to wait.

Helena Bonham Carter! Gotta love her!


4 thoughts on “Great Expectations Day 15

  1. I like this one! I like the yellow monochrome, the irregularity and the fact that is based on something you are reading! So cool.


  2. JULIE,

    I just love everything about this website! You are the most creative young lady I know. Thanks for sharing such a lovely idea. It sure makes Great Expectations a lot more fun!


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