Great Expectations Day 16


Only Day 16?!?!! I have a ways to go. Still hanging in there.

A mention of Christmas Day! Pip is relieved upon returning from visiting the convict in the marsh… the robbery has gone undetected! (so far) Mrs Joe is vigorously cleaning the house for the festivities of the holiday. She asks Pip where he has been. He lies, saying he was out hearing the carols. Pip and Joe are having a light breakfast so that Mrs Joe can keep working. (Are they not helping?) Pip and Joe have a secret hand symbol that they use when Mrs Joe is in a “cross temper”. (It’s crossed fingers, like in the window above.)

I drew this piece of art with pastels. I have never liked using them (too much chalky dust!) but decided to give it a try. I have two sets of Design Nupastels; one with 48 pieces and one with 72. I love the way they look in the box… all the colors. I actually enjoyed using them, despite the dust. They were very quick and no waiting for paint to dry. I’ll use them again!

Did you see the Google yesterday? It was Dicken’s 200th birthday!

5 thoughts on “Great Expectations Day 16

  1. I love the effects you get with those pastels–all the colours are so vibrant. When I try to use my set, its usually me, rather than the paper, that gets coloured.

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