Great Expectations Day 17


Ceramic poodles?! REALLY?!!? Pip’s home is described in more detail. It’s actually Mrs Joe’s home. (She wears the pants and pretty much runs everything.) She has four white ceramic poodles on the mantel, each carrying a basket in their teeth.  I got the impression that Mrs Joe was a no-nonsense, no-frills, hearty-stock kind of a woman. Not the type to have little ceramic poodles on the mantel! I just couldn’t get this image out of my mind… so I did a painting of a kitschy ceramic poodle. These must have been popular at the time. Cute!

Also had a different image in my mind while reading this page. So here’s another, a quick Illustrator piece. The wings I drew two years ago for a different project. (Recycling!)

Pip and Joe are heading into church on Christmas Day, both wearing ill-fitting clothes. (Mrs Joe picks out their clothing. No surprise there!) Pip is thinking of confessing his sins during the service, but he doesn’t. He is terrified and remorseful. Poor kid. But hey, it’s Christmas Day! Merry Christmas!

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