Great Expectations Day 18 – a day early


(Well, a few hours early!  I have a very busy day tomorrow, so I am posting tomorrow’s art early.)

Christmas Day feast! The guests are: Mr Wopsle (clerk at church), Mr and Mrs Hubble (he’s a wheelwright) and Uncle Pumblechook (a corn chandler – what?!). Of course, Pip, Joe and Mrs Joe are hosting. Mrs Joe stays home from church getting the house and meal ready. (Still no mention of the robbery in the pantry!) They dine in the kitchen, then adjourn to the parlor for nuts, oranges and apples.

This drawing started out with the Christmas wreath and the treats they ate after the meal. Then I had fun with it!

Here is an old Christmas cookie cutter given to me by a neighbor. It’s not as old as this story, but I think it’s cute enough to share with you. He has a funny expression on his face. I hope you can see it! He’s resting on an old street map of London.

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