Great Expectations Day 19


For as long as my daughter (age 10) can remember I have made moon cookies for Christmas. This year I didn’t. I made gingerbread, biscotti and some other just-as-good treats instead. But she missed her traditional Christmas cookie: almond cookies dipped in chocolate shaped like little moons. So since I am in the middle of Christmas in Pip’s world, yesterday I decided to make the moon cookies. I saved some of the dough and shaped it into the word Pip instead of moons. (Only half a “P” is left now and a few moons!) They’re delicious!

On Day 19, page 22 in the book, Pip is uncomfortable at the Christmas dinner. He’s the only kid for one thing. But he goes on to list the reasons he SHOULD be uncomfortable, and then the real reason.

He should be uncomfortable because:
1) he’s squeezed in at an acute angle at the table (This does sound uncomfortable! If there were other kids present, they’d all be at a kids’ table together, getting to act like kids.)
2) the table is too high – at his chest (or he’s just too little)
3) Pumblechook’s elbow is in his eye
4) he’s not allowed to speak (he doesn’t want to anyway)
5) he got served the scaly tips of the drumsticks

Despite all that, the REAL reason he is uncomfortable though is because they won’t leave him alone! The adults are discussing why children are so ungrateful. Mr Hubble declares that they are “naturally wicious.” And they all agree. Pip is getting little help from Joe, except in extra helpings of gravy! (He must be remembering back to the meal, because yesterday I thought they were done and having nuts and fruit in the parlor! Wonder when they will have the Christmas pudding?) The theft is still unnoticed. See you tomorrow for day 20!

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