Great Expectations Day 20


Still having their Christmas meal; Pip still being verbally assaulted by the adults. They relate Pip (and all children) to swines. “What is detestable in a pig, is more detestable in a boy.” Joe continues to drown Pip’s plate in gravy to help him feel better. What makes it worse is that they are eating pork! So poor Pip is miserable on Christmas Day. At least he gets lots of gravy!

This artwork is a combination of Photoshop work, an acrylic pattern I painted (at the bottom) and a scan of an old dictionary page. The dictionary is giving the meaning of mother, mothering and motherless. No matter how hard Mrs Joe has tried raising Pip “by hand” she is no replacement for a true mother.

I made it to Day 20!

Here is one of my favorite etsy artists: Lucile Prache from France. I love her hand-painted recipes. Here is one for mincemeat pie. (I believe Pip stole some mincemeat from Mrs Joe’s pantry to give to the convict.)







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