Great Expectations Day 21


Almost missed today…. Day 21. Computer problems. But here I am and will try to do another one tomorrow!

Mrs Joe lists all the problems that Pip has caused her: climbing, falling, injuries. (Sounds like normal kid stuff to me.) She serves Mr Pumblechook some brandy. It doesn’t go well. Why? Because it’s from the very same bottle that Pip had siphoned brandy out of for the convict! Mr Pumblechook downs his glass. Pip is very nervous that he will notice it is weak. But apparently it isn’t weak, but very strong and horrible-tasting. Pip had topped off the bottle with Tar-water! Mr P springs up from his seat, spins around several times and bolts out of the house! I don’t think Pip meant it to be tar-water, but regular water. Anyway, he’s probably about to get into some serious trouble!

I really like how this quick watercolor came out. I scanned it, then finished it off in Photoshop for the details. Crazy Mr P is half seen off to the left running around outside. What happens to Pip? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

2 thoughts on “Great Expectations Day 21

  1. I like it! I was wondering for a moment how you did the white details of the house and Pip. I was clever and figured it out before I read your description. I wanted to ask, do you work with a stylus and tablet or is it just the mouse? I am curious on how the stylus and tablet work.

    1. Hi! I was down (internet not working) most all day yesterday. Thought I was going to die! (Well, that’s a little extreme, but it was difficult.) I do use a tablet and stylus. And I like it but don’t use it all that often. It’s old (a hand-me-down) but it works fine. I have to keep it under the desk because it’s huge, so most times it’s too much trouble to get it out and set it up. But it is plug-and-go… very easy.

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