Great Expectations Day 27


In the marsh, it’s extremely windy and starting to sleet. The sheep and cattle stare angrily at Pip as he, Joe, Mr Wopsle and the soldiers pass through, as if to blame them for the miserable conditions. Shouting is heard not too far off. Sounds like two men arguing. “Murder! Convicts! Runaways! Guard!” Everyone starts running in the direction of the shouting, soldiers with their muskets raised and ready.

They find the two convicts in a ditch duking it out. Dickens didn’t use “duking it out” but I got to wondering where this phrase came from.  Here’s what Urban Dictionary thinks:

Urban Dictionary: Duke It Out

To fight, usually fist fight. Probably from John ‘the Duke‘ Wayne movies where he would always end up fighting with someone.
The soldiers drag them out of the ditch. Tune in tomorrow to see if the one convict recognizes Pip!
(I choose to do a little collage/watercolor of the animals in the marsh, cold and angry.)

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