Great Expectations Day 29


Happy Day 29! I’ve been doing this for almost a month now! I’ll tell you what’s going on in the story (Great Expectations… I’m on page 32) first and then explain my work of art.

The soldiers have caught up with the convicts, whom they found fighting in a ditch. The sergeant orders the torches lit and they head off toward the prison-ship. (Night has fallen.) The convict finally spots Pip in the crowd and gives him an unusual look. Pip does not understand it, but is relieved that the convict does not expose him and reveal Pip’s secret. (The thievery.) As they march along in the marsh, three cannons are heard. The sergeant tells Pip’s convict that he is wanted on board.

I love Carla Sonheim’s approach to art and her book Drawing Lab. Recently she has been playing around with gesso and drawing into it while wet, creating work similar to mine above. Actually mine is similar to HERS, as I followed her tutorial on this technique. Check it out! Her book has some great ideas to help you play with your art, learn some new techniques and spur your creativity. My piece above represents the three cannons heard fired in the marsh. I made the piece a little gloomy, since it’s night-time while they march off in the marsh with two convicts in tow and cannons booming off! (I think it’s still Christmas Day in the story. What a long day this has been!)

Here’s a sample of Carla’s work:


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