Great Expectations Day 33


Day 33 and Page 36! Since Pip is not old enough just yet to apprentice with Joe in the blacksmith shop, he is relegated to doing odd jobs around the shop and for neighbors. The piddly money he makes from these jobs goes into a box on the mantle to help pay off the National Debt (or so he thinks). Anyway, he is not allowed to spend his own earned money. Poor Pip!
Dickens goes on to tell us that Mr Wopsle’s great-aunt “teaches” a night school for youth in the area at her home. Pip attends this school. He claims that they just watch her sleep for an hour! But they do sometimes get to hear Mr Wopsle, who lives above her, reciting literature quiet loudly.
I created a little watercolor of the money box where Pip’s money goes. I finished it off in Photoshop drawing on top with a brush, using my tablet and stylus.

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