Great Expectations Day 35


Pip watches as Joe tries to read his letter. He remembers that at church last Sunday, he (Pip) accidentally held the Prayer Book upside down and Joe seemed perfectly fine with it. Apparently Joe can only read two letters: “J” and “O”, for his name Joe. Pip asks Joe if he got any schooling at all as a child. Joe starts to explain his childhood to Pip. His father was an abusive drunk who treated his mother and himself badly. (I think he continues explaining on the next page.)

On my second panel of the Altered Book triptych, I glued a copy of page 38 of my Great Expectations book down on top of a board book page with a flap on it. (I had previously painted this whole panel including the flap with black acrylic paint.) I cut out the part of the page where the flap was and glued it down under the flap. I use an acrylic matt medium for gluing paper.

I then scratched out a little humble house and two primitive-looking letters “J” and “O” on the outside of the flap. On the inside of the flap I started drawing swirls with a 6B pencil. I was listening to Adele on my ipod while working. (Love her! Who doesn’t?!) In her song came the phrase “time flies”. I felt that this was appropriate for this part of the story as Joe describes his childhood to Pip and Pip is growing up. My own two children are growing up WAY too fast! I am happy with how this spread of the altered book came out. Today, I’ll work on the next panel. There will be six altogether, since I am doing both sides of the triptych. See ya tomorrow!

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