Great Expectations Day 37


A year of experimentation

My inspiration:

Great Expectations.

Day 37! Joe just finished telling Pip his childhood story… about his abusive alcoholic father and the death of his parents. He took up his father’s trade: blacksmithing. He was lonesome until he met Pip’s sister and she’s a “fine figure of a woman” despite what Pip thinks. Joe tells Pip that he told Mrs Joe that there was room at the forge for Pip. And that’s how Pip came to live with Joe and his sister. Pip is grateful to Joe and feels an even stronger bond with him now.

Since I am experimenting, I decided to try gold leafing on this panel of my Altered Book. I have never done it before! It was fun and pretty easy. I watched a few YouTube “how-to-gold-leaf” videos first. Then grabbed my Michaels coupon and headed to the store. I went with the gold flakes rather than the perfect flat sheets. (Less pressure that way – using the leaves that are already torn to bits!) I bought the recommended glue, but I think any kind of tacky glue would work. Came back and did it right away! Here are the supplies I used:

And here is a detail showing the gold a little better. (This definitely is something that looks best in person and not captured on film.)

I have been working on an Illuminated Page project with my art students for the past few weeks (ages 9-11) and just recently saw “The Secret of Kells” animated movie. (It’s so good!) These things gave me the idea to do an illuminated P panel. At first my colors (markers) were too bright and psychedelic so I went over the whole panel with a layer of white acrylic paint. I aged the page a bit by rubbing silver and brown stamp pads all over. Then added the gold leaf!


3 thoughts on “Great Expectations Day 37

  1. I loved ‘Secret of Kells’ too, and the art was so inspiring! Have you ever tried giving an aged look to paper by using little sponges to transfer stamp-pad ink onto the page? You can get a lot of cool textures, and the inks layer really well.

    I’m enjoying all your art! Thanks for posting 🙂

    1. I have not tried that. I have just rubbed directly from the ink pad onto paper. I’ll give it a try! Thanks! Yes, The Secret of Kells is just so beautiful. Makes me want to learn animation now!

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