Great Expectations Day 40


I am planning on creating one illustration over the next week (or so) working on it bit-by-bit and posting my progress. I have read ahead about four pages and have come up with a rough sketch for what I want to do. I hope this turns out to be a fun exercise!

Day 40, page 44:
A wealthy recluse named Miss Havisham apparently asked Mr Pumblechook if he knew of any young boys to come play at her house. He of course recommended Pip and plans to take Pip to meet her tomorrow morning. But, Pip is such a mess… soot from head to toe! Mrs Joe calls them all “Mooncalfs” meaning born fools.

Here is a sketch of my plan for this illustration. It’s not much to see! Hopefully I’ll have the sketch finished tomorrow. And then the fun part — PAINTING!

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