Great Expectations Day 41


Here is my finished sketch for this illustration. I wanted to do something that takes me longer than 30 minutes to complete for a change! So I will be working on this one over about a week, a little every day. And I will post my progress daily.

Page 45 (I still have a looooong way to go!):

Pip is to meet Miss Havisham tomorrow after spending the night at Mr Pumblechook’s in town. Since he is covered in soot, he is “soaped, kneaded, towelled, thumped, harrowed and rasped” in order to make a good impression. He’s dressed up in his finest, stiffest clothes and brought before Mr P before heading off in his chaise-cart to his house in town. Pip has no say in the manner… in his future. He’s still pretty young, and I guess most kids don’t at this age.

At Mr P’s corn-chandler/seed-handler shop and home, Pip is mesmerized by all the drawers and containers of interesting things. He notices the corduroy’s that Mr P and his shop-man seem to always wear.

I want this illustration to be fun and almost child-like. It’s a view of the town where Mr P and Miss Havisham live. I am creating it on Crescent Illustration board. I love the texture – not too rough or smooth. It’s 12×10 inches and I think I will use acrylic instead of watercolor. Not sure though. I will probably start painting today, so I need to decide soon!

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