Great Expectations Day 42


Day 4 (I took Sunday, yesterday, off. Family in town and it’s Spring Break for my kids this week. Yeah!)

This page (page 46) is what gave me the inspiration for the illustration above. Pip notices that the shopkeepers in town around Mr Pumblechook’s home and business spy on each other suspiciously. Mr P (the corn chandler) watches the saddler, who watches the coach-maker, who eyes the baker, staring at the grocer, who looks at the chemist. In the middle of it all is the watch-maker, who seems to be the only one concentrating on his own actual work! I thought this was so funny!

Pip is grilled by Mr P over breakfast with math and multiplication problems. At 10 o-clock they head to Miss Havisham’s house. Her house is described as old brick with some windows boarded up. The front gate is locked and there is an abandoned brewery next door.

I decided to use acrylic paint on this illustration on Crescent board. I work from the background forward, painting in the ground first and then the buildings. I’ll have fun starting on the gentlemen!

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