Great Expectations Day 44


Almost finished! Just a little bit more to do, then I’ll start something new tomorrow.

Pip is lead into the house by the beautiful young lady through the side door into a dark passage. She talks down to Pip, calling him “boy” even though she is about the same age. (The front door is chained shut.) Pip is told to enter a door into a room alone. He finds that it is a woman’s dressing room, with a draped table and gilded mirror as the central piece of furniture. He then notices that a woman sits there. She is entirely white from her hair (topped by a white bridal veil and flowers) down to her white shoes (one on and one off). He describes other items he spots as some half-unpacked clothing, half-undressed items for Miss Havisham, a Prayer-Book, jewelry and gloves.

I’ll finish this illustration up today hopefully and then I think I will do a painting of the young lady, Pip or Miss H. I am ready to do a portrait now!

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