Great Expectations Day 45


FINISHED!!! I like how it came out. Not my usual way of working though… slow and staying within the lines!

Page 49:  Pip notices that everything that is white in the room, including Miss Havisham, is faded and withered. She looks like a wax skeleton shrunk to skin and bone, with the wedding gown hanging loosely on her figure. She asks Pip if he is scared of her. He lies, “No.” Pip notices that the clocks in the room have all stopped at 20 minutes to 9.

Miss Havisham tells Pip that her heart is broken and that she’s done with men and women. She then tells Pip to play.

This is the finished illustration which I started about 4-5 days ago. (acrylic on illustration board) It portrays the shop-keepers busy keeping their eyes on each other rather than minding their own businesses, so to speak. Everyone is doing this except for the watch-maker who is down front, concentrating on his work. This page from Great Expectations made me really think about how much careers have changed since this time. We no longer have corn-chandlers, at least not that I am aware of. There are people who do make saddles today, but they are not nearly as much in demand. Wheel-makers? No longer. Companies make wheels, but it’s not some guy in his shop bending and carving wood. No more small-time grocers either. Mostly huge corporate, big-box stores. Watch-makers are still around, I assume, but watches are mostly made in large factories. People usually just buy a new watch now days to replace one that no longer works. Many people go by their cell phone time to keep them on schedule instead of wearing a watch. The chemist? Still around, working in labs to help find cures for diseases, inventing new products, creating products and medicines etc. But their equipment has greatly changed.

Of course, we still have bakers. Their profession has not changed too much. We still love to eat our baked goods!

3 thoughts on “Great Expectations Day 45

  1. Love your characters! I think if I saw a children’s book with that on the cover I’d have to read it. I’d want to know what all those townspeople were up to. Hope ya take it as a compliment. That’s my intention anyway.

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