Great Expectations Day 46


Miss Havisham

Miss H admits that she wants a diversion and that she has a “sick fancy to see some play.” (This sounds really perverted!) Pip is unable to play on-the-spot and tells her so. He feels uncomfortable in this new, unfamiliar environment. Miss H has Pip call Estella back, the pretty young lady, to come play cards with him. Estella is reluctant to play with a common labour-boy, but once Miss H tells her she can break his heart she sits down to play. Poor Pip!

I did this quick portrait of Miss H, an old, thin, withered lady wearing a faded bridal veil. At the bottom, I placed part of an Old Maid playing card (found at an antique shop in McKinney Texas), a torn bit of paper that looks like lace and a bit of a skeleton illustration found in a book published in 1851. LOVE this book! And I also love downtown McKinney, such cute little shops and beautiful homes. The ones near the courthouse were mostly built in the 1890s. So charming!

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