Great Expectations Day 47


(It’s actually still day 46, but I finished another one today and will take the day off tomorrow.)


This is my daughter posing as Estella. I keep saying over in my head “eSTELLA!!!” (from A Streetcar Named Desire – haven’t seen that movie in a long time!)

Pip notices that everything in Miss Havisham’s room has stopped, frozen in time: the clocks, the one shoe never worn, nothing moved on the dresser, with dust all around each object. Estella criticizes Pip for his course hands and thick boots. She is very rude to him as they play cards. Pip whispers to Miss H that he wants to go home. He tells her that he thinks Estella is very pretty, very proud and very insulting.

I had fun drawing over this picture of my daughter in Photoshop…VERY quick sketching with my tablet. I drew a red curtain to cover up the bookshelves in my living room. I looked at old drawings of girl’s clothing from the 1860s for this dress and hat. My daughter loves it!

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