Great Expectations Day 51


I had so much fun drawing this one! Done entirely in Illustrator. I used images that I was thinking about… well, actually that Pip was thinking about: his thick boots, course hands, Estella causing him to cry (tears) and his questioning himself and his upbringing.

As Estella lets Pip out of the yard at Manor House, she tells him that she can tell that he was crying. She laughs as she pushes him out of the gate. As he walks the four miles home, he obsesses about his hands, boots and his way of life up to this point. He has never known any other way of life – that anything different ever existed. He describes his life as being “in a low-lived, bad way.”

Once home, his sister badgers him to get answers to what went on at Miss Havisham’s. He says as little as possible and gets his face shoved against the kitchen wall.

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