Great Expectations Day 52


Here is Pip in a chair, in Miss Joe’s kitchen being interrogated by Uncle Pumblechook about his visit to Miss Havisham’s. He doesn’t want to share with them the truth. So basically he is keeping his mouth shut. Miss Joe is roughing him up for this. From Pip’s point of view, they are being cruel. And maybe they are. But possibly they are thinking of his best interest and thinking that if Pip gets in good with Miss Havisham, his future could change for the better.

Pip tells them that Miss H is tall and dark, which she isn’t. When Uncle P agrees with this, Pip realizes that he has never actually met her. Interesting!

I did this background acrylic painting a while back to use simply as background art when needed. I scanned it in, drew a white silhouette of Pip on the chair and grunged it up a bit too.

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