Great Expectations Day 57


Dickens gives a beautiful description of how just one day can make a difference in one’s whole life… of how one thing can happen on just one day and that thing changes the course of that person’s life forever. The first link in a chain of events (“a chain of iron, gold, thorns or flowers”) gets started one day and continues to grow and alters a life.

Pip is referring to the start of a chain of events that he suspects will grow and continue to alter the course of his life. And that first link in the chain of events was his visit with Miss Havisham, set up by Uncle Pumblechook. Pip was called “common” by the beautiful young Estella at this visit. So he decides that day to become “uncommon” and asks Biddy to teach him everything she knows.

I did a floral watercolor chain in the shape of the word common. I wanted “common” to be anything but common.

I am still thinking about my designs for the Richardson Wildflower Festival guitar. Here are two ideas. One is more traditional with images of the main characters and a horse and carriage. The other is more graphic and “design-y”. I like both, but just need to decide. Please help me! Let me know which you prefer. THANKS!

Guitar Design A:

Guitar Design B

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