Great Expectations Day 59 Wildflower Guitar


Happy Accidents! As my daughter was leaning over my shoulder watching me work on the guitar last night, her hair swooshed over a part that was still very wet with oil paint. It left a beautiful scratchy mark in the paint that can only be done by accident. She thought I’d be upset, but “NO!” I loved it. After making sure I got any oil paint out of her hair, I tried to replicate the look with my own hair. But it didn’t work. So I used a large course bristle brush in some of the wet areas and got a similar result as with the accident “daughter’s-hair” brush. Yeah!

Since the paint was still so very wet, I could not paint the little objects onto the area that I wanted to. Not wanting to wait until the paint was dry, I decided to try scratching (drawing) the objects into the wet paint. (see above photo) Tried a toothpick first, but it was too small of a point. The handle end of a paint brush worked just fine. I drew in images that I thought about when reading Great Expectations. (These were used in a previous sketch I did.)

Now, what I read today, on page 64:

The stranger in the Three Jolly Bargemen orders rum “all around” at his expense (just for himself, Joe and Mr Wopsle). The stranger is described as wearing a large brimmed floppy hat and under it a tied handkerchief covering all of his hair, if he has any at all. That’s it! Not much today. Probably find out who this stranger is tomorrow or Monday. Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Great Expectations Day 59 Wildflower Guitar

  1. Love the painting of the guitar idea. “Happy accidents” make masterpieces. Waiting for paint to dry, especially oils is the worst ever. That is why I have been painting in acylics the last few years. Want to go back to oils though and dabble again. When I have more patience!

    1. Hi! I had switched to acrylics also about 3-4 years ago. But this guitar has a very thick coat of varnish on it, so I felt that acrylics wouldn’t work. Last year, I sanded and primed that guitar first so that I could use acrylics and it was just too much prep work! So I skipped that step this year and went with oils. Oh well, either way, it’s time. But I enjoy doing these guitars regardless!

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