Great Expectations Day 60, Pip and Pipe


I did a collage yesterday, Easter Sunday, after I read page 65 in my Great Expectations book. The characters are taking long drags of their pipes in the Three Jolly Bargemen pub as they contemplate each other’s questions. (Well, Pip is not smoking a pipe. Joe, Mr Wopsle and the stranger are.) The stranger is asking Joe about his relation to Pip. Mr Wopsle joins in with a quote from Shakespeare. Joe tells the stranger about their hunt a year ago for a convict in the marshes. The stranger seems amused by this.

I started out with an old dictionary page which I had glued onto a piece of scrap cardboard. Then I added bits of paper, painted acrylic rust-colored ovals and drew on an old pipe with a Sharpie. It still needed “something”, so I painted on grey-blue puffs of smoke and for extra color, the lime-green flowers.

The guitar is coming along. Right now, I am waiting for it to dry a bit more before adding the next part. Hopefully I will get to it tomorrow. HOWEVER… I HAVE to finish my taxes this week!!! So I may have less posts than usual as I tend to this horrible task.

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