Art Expectations Day 61


Hello, I took a week off to get my tax return done. And it is ALL DONE. Hallelujah! Hope yours wasn’t as difficult as mine.

I am back to working on my Wildflower Festival guitar to be auctioned off. It’s for a good cause – high school arts programs in the neighborhood and the Network of Community Ministries. Plus, this festival is a lot of fun. Check it out at:

I moved the guitar to my easel. I was having trouble painting on the drafting table. The guitar is kind of an awkward shape to paint and my table was not big enough. l added the first line of the last paragraph in the book, “I took her hand in mine, and we went out of the ruined place”. Then I started painting Estella. I spent some time on her (even though she is not yet done) so when it came time to paint Pip, I did him really quickly. It’s a work-in-progress!

On Day 61, I read page 66:

At the Three Jolly Bargemen (local pub), the stranger stares at Pip as he stirs and sips his rum. Stirring, staring, sipping. Pip realizes the stranger is stirring his drink with the VERY SAME file that Pip took from Joe’s shop and gave to the convict in the marsh to saw off his leg iron!!! Yikes! Joe and Mr Wopsle do not see the file; the stranger slips it away. As they are all leaving the pub (rum has run out), the stranger gives Pip a bright new shilling wrapped in crumpled paper. I wonder if there is anything on that piece of paper?

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