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Art Expectations Day 69

Miss Havisham, laid out upon the grand table, for all to see. This is her wish for when she dies! Pip is still painstakingly walking her around the living room while the others look on and argue. Camilla continues complaining about her health and all the problems that her worrying over Miss H has caused. The other people, including Miss H, seem to have no sympathy for Camilla. (Except for maybe her husband, Raymond) Miss H tells each of them where they will sit around the table after she dies, with her upon the table. Morbid!

I did a very tiny watercolor of the table and Miss H’s skeleton. Touched it up in Photoshop. Thank Heaven for Photoshop!


Art Expectations Day 68

Pip continues walking Miss Havisham about the frozen-in-time living room, around the table with the moldy bride-cake centerpiece. (How OLD is that cake anyway?!) Estella enters with the group from the detached house out back: Sarah Pocket, Camilla, Raymond (Camilla’s husband) and one other unnamed grave lady. Camilla goes on about how she can’t sleep at night for thinking and worrying about Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham says, “Then don’t think of me.” (I think I like Miss Havisham even though she seems to be crazy!) Raymond adds in that one of Camilla’s legs is becoming shorter than the other due to her “family feelings.” hahaha

I did an acrylic painting on canvas of a slice of moldy cake with a large beetle on top, having a feast.

Art Expectations Day 67

Pip walks Miss Havisham excruciatingly slowly about the disheveled room. She tells him that she will be placed upon the table when she dies, for everyone to come and see. We find out that the moldy centerpiece on the table is her old bride-cake. GROSS!

Day 67: I chose to do a collage this time, using bits of painted paper and an old page from a 1902 Sears catalog as background. You can barely see the type on the wall, but I like the texture that it makes. She wears her old wedding dress and veil.

Art Expectations Day 66

Day 66 Page 71 of the Great Expectations novel by Charles Dickens:

Miss Havisham asks Pip if he is ready to play this time. He says no. (He is still uncomfortable there plus he was just slapped by Estella.) So she asks him if he is willing to work instead. He says yes to that. She sends him across the hall to a different room to wait for her. Even though it is a different room, it is in the same state as her dressing room. This room appears to be a living room/dining room. Dust and cobwebs everywhere. Pip can hear and see beetles and other creatures (mice, spiders). In the center of a large table that also seems frozen in time is some strange centerpiece covered in speckled-legged spiders. I read ahead and found out that it is Miss Havisham’s bride-cake! YUCK!

I decided to show Estella as a wicked black widow spider on top of the moldy wedding cake. I created this piece with watercolor pencils, scanned it in and did a little more to it in Photoshop, applying a filter.

See you tomorrow!

Art Expectations Day 65

Well, I am back from the dead! I truly have felt like a zombie for the past two weeks. I had pnuemonia, but am feeling much better, almost normal again! So now I need to catch up on my Great Expectations project.

My son has been playing a video game called MineCraft a lot lately. ( Of all the games he plays, this is my favorite. It takes some strategy and planning ahead to play this game, plus the background music is very soft and relaxing. It sure beats listening to machine gun shooting! So I had that game in mind while creating this graphic. The characters are intentionally very pixelated. It brings to mind the very early video games from the 80s.

Day 65, Page 70:

This is Pip’s second visit to Miss Havisham’s. Estella stops Pip and asks him if he thinks she is pretty and insulting. He says “yes” and “not as much as last time”. She then slaps him very hard and asks why he doesn’t cry like last time. He tells her he will never cry for her again. They meet a large burly man coming down the stairs. He tells Pip to behave himself.