Art Expectations Day 65


Well, I am back from the dead! I truly have felt like a zombie for the past two weeks. I had pnuemonia, but am feeling much better, almost normal again! So now I need to catch up on my Great Expectations project.

My son has been playing a video game called MineCraft a lot lately. ( Of all the games he plays, this is my favorite. It takes some strategy and planning ahead to play this game, plus the background music is very soft and relaxing. It sure beats listening to machine gun shooting! So I had that game in mind while creating this graphic. The characters are intentionally very pixelated. It brings to mind the very early video games from the 80s.

Day 65, Page 70:

This is Pip’s second visit to Miss Havisham’s. Estella stops Pip and asks him if he thinks she is pretty and insulting. He says “yes” and “not as much as last time”. She then slaps him very hard and asks why he doesn’t cry like last time. He tells her he will never cry for her again. They meet a large burly man coming down the stairs. He tells Pip to behave himself.

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