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Art Expectations Day 72

Hello! I have been on vacation, but now I am back and hope to get moving along on this great classic book (Great Expectations by Charles Dickens) and my daily (almost daily) art.

The boy who meets Pip in the neglected garden of Miss Havisham’s house tells Pip to “come and fight”. The boy then decides to give Pip a reason to fight by pulling Pip’s hair and by butting Pip in the stomach with his head! He then leads Pip to a nook in the garden and proceeds to take off his jacket, waistcoat and shirt in order to fight Pip.

What exactly is a waistcoat? Well, it’s basically a vest. And I wonder where “put up your dukes” came from?

What we do know is that put up your dukes was known by 1874 – the first record of it that I can find in print is in John C. Hotten’s 1874 edition of A dictionary of modern slang, cant, and vulgar words:

“Dooks, or dukes, the hands, originally modification of the rhyming slang ‘Duke of Yorks,’ forks = fingers, hands… The word is in very common use among low folk. ‘Put up your dooks’ is a kind of invitation to fight.”


Art Expectations Day 71

A Shoe Tree!

Pip is still in the room with Miss Havisham and Estella. Pip imagines himself and Estella decaying in the room. Finally, Miss H is done walking and being all gloomy… she demands Pip play cards with Estella again. This is just Pip’s second visit to Manor House. Miss H points out Estella’s beauty and puts her own jewelry on Estella. It’s as if she is trying to force Pip to fall in love with Estella.

After cards, Pip is led outside and fed “dog-like manner” again. He is left free to wander the yard. He walks around the over-grown garden and believes he sees large weeds that have sprouted old boots, shoes and hats! A pale young fellow comes out of the detached house in back and speaks to him. We’ll find out what he says next time!

Art Expectations Day 70!

(Un)happy Birthday, Miss H!

I glued an old dictionary page to a piece of cardboard. Then drew on top. It’s a birthday hat for Miss Havisham! Today is her birthday and some friends (?) and/or relatives have been visiting her while Pip is there to play for her. He’s just walking her around the dusty, neglected old living room. She says she doesn’t wish to speak of her birthday and that she is ready to be laid upon the table, dead. She also says that “that will be the final curse upon him“. Hmmmm…… wonder who the HIM is?