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Art Expectations Day 79

Almost Day 80!!!

Here is a 5×5 canvas piece I have been working on, on-and-off all week. I started out painting random blobs of acrylic paint all over, letting dry, then painting more layers on top. (Had to get rid of that blank white canvas just staring at and taunting me!) I then chose 3 pieces of paper art to glue on with matte Gel Medium. I chose the bird because I bet Pip sometimes wished he was a bird to fly away from all the crazy, demanding people in his life, to be set free.

The funny little old man is from a deck of antique Old Maid cards. The character reminds me of Mr Pumblechook. The third piece of paper is a strip from an old Sears catalog, just added for some extra texture. I painted more layers on top, scratching into some areas while still wet.

On page 88, Joe is teasing Mrs Joe with the amount of money that Miss Havisham gave to them for all Pip’s hard work (play?) at her house. I am pretty sure Pip will see none of this money!


Art Expectations Day 78

Page 87, day 78!

Joe rambles on, making no sense, after receiving the 25 guineas from Miss Havisham for Pip’s work. She dismisses them, telling Pip he is not to return; that he is now apprenticed to Joe as a blacksmith. (No kidding!) “Gargery is your master now.” Joe is so astonished at the dissmissal and the money that he seems dazed. Poor Pip is a pawn in everyone’s game!

I did a drawing of a pawn with colored pencils. Also used some stamps and an old letterpress printing block of a house. (It’s very small and on the middle left side.) I wanted some kind of pattern in the background so I spray painted gold paint through a piece of old lace.


Art Expectations Day 77

Day 77 Page 86

Miss Havisham continues to question Joe about Pip’s blacksmithing apprenticeship. Joe continues to direct his answers to Pip, ignoring Miss H. This really embarrasses Pip, especially in front of Estella.

Miss H offers Joe some money (25 guineas) for Pip’s work (play?) with her at her house. So, Pip’s future is still in-the-air… undecided. Mrs Joe is hoping Miss H will “take on” Pip to provide him some great fortune and a prosperous future. Joe would love for Pip to stay with him and take on the family blacksmithing business. But Joe also does not want to stand in the way of Pip’s future, if Pip is better off doing something else. Pip, I believe at this point, would be happy as a clam being a blacksmith with Joe.

Happy Reading!

Art Expectations Day 76

Pip takes Joe to meet Miss Havisham at her house to discuss Pip’s blacksmithing apprenticeship, per her request. After Pip tells his sister (who raised him by hand) that Miss H wants him to go ahead and start the apprenticeship, she, his sister Mrs Joe, flips out! She flies into a rampage, screaming and frantically cleaning, kicking Joe and Pip out into the backyard. While Joe and Pip are visiting Miss H, Pip thinks Joe, looking very uncomfortable in his suit, resembles a very extraordinary bird with his mouth hanging open as if waiting for a worm.

Art Expectations Day 75

Yeah, Day 75!

Pages 81 & 82:

Pip teaches Estella and Miss Havisham an old blacksmithing folk song. They sing it together as he pushes Miss H around in the garden-chair. It’s really quite catchy:

… hammer boys round – Old Clem!
With a thump and a sound – Old Clem!
Beat it out, beat it out – Old Clem!
With a clink for the stout – Old Clem!
Blow the fire, blow the fire – Old Clem!
Roaring dryer, soaring higher – Old Clem!

Pip admits to not discussing the details of his visits at Miss H’s with his family. He does, however, tell Biddy everything! She seems to have a deep concern for what he tells her. (hmmm….)

Mr Pumblechook often visits Pip’s home to discuss Pip’s future with Mrs Joe. Pip should be apprenticed to Joe as a blacksmith by now. But Mrs Joe and Mr P have other plans for Pip. Joe and Pip have no say  in the matter. Mr Pumblechook supervises Pip as if he is the architect of Pip’s fortune and future.

Art Expectations Day 74

It’s SO good to be back online!!!

Day 74, pages 79 & 80 (I did two pages this time… so far behind!)

Chapter 12 starts with Pip worrying about being punished for his beating up the pale, young man at Miss Havisham’s house. The fight was the other boy’s idea! Pip feels guilty and expects the County Jail to come pick him up at any minute. He tries to wash the boy’s blood out of his trousers in the dead of night. He worries about his return to Miss H’s and a possible gang of boys getting back at him for beating the other boy up. He even imagines Miss H shooting him dead. (How a child’s imagination can run wild!)

But when he does return to her house, not a word is mentioned about the fight and the boy is nowhere to be seen. Whew! Only a “trace of his gore” is found by Pip in the spot where the fight took place. (ew!)

Pip goes on to describe what his life is like at Miss H’s for the next several months:
– he pushes her around in a garden-chair (a light chair on wheels)
– he starts going more often (every other day instead of every other week)
– he and the Miss H become better acquainted, she asking about his future but providing no money or help in the matter
– Estella is around and acting as moody as ever, no more kisses are granted
– Pip often overhears Miss H whispering to Estella to “break their hearts, my pride and hope, break their hearts and have no mercy!”

Poor Pip. He is in for it for sure. Have a great weekend!

Art Expectations Day 73

I’M BACK! Vacation and then dead computer…. argh. Mostly up and running again now after much frustration.

Page 78:

Love Charles’ wording: The pale young man is “eyeing my anatomy as if he were minutely choosing his bone.” The other young man, having asked (or TOLD) Pip to fight, is preparing for the fight in the neglected garden of Miss Havisham’s house. Pip surprises himself by throwing the first punch. And then the next and the next, leaving the young fellow flat on his back with a black eye and a bloody nose! The other young man declares Pip the winner. Pip walks to leave Miss Havisham’s, but is stopped by Estella who tells him that he may kiss her if he likes. He does, just a little peck on her cheek. He realizes she doesn’t really enjoy it as she lets him out the gate.

He arrives back home at night fall. “… when I neared home the light on the spit of sand off the point on the marshes was gleaming against a black night-sky.”

I hope everyone is having a great summer. Stay cool and do something creative!