Art Expectations Day 74


It’s SO good to be back online!!!

Day 74, pages 79 & 80 (I did two pages this time… so far behind!)

Chapter 12 starts with Pip worrying about being punished for his beating up the pale, young man at Miss Havisham’s house. The fight was the other boy’s idea! Pip feels guilty and expects the County Jail to come pick him up at any minute. He tries to wash the boy’s blood out of his trousers in the dead of night. He worries about his return to Miss H’s and a possible gang of boys getting back at him for beating the other boy up. He even imagines Miss H shooting him dead. (How a child’s imagination can run wild!)

But when he does return to her house, not a word is mentioned about the fight and the boy is nowhere to be seen. Whew! Only a “trace of his gore” is found by Pip in the spot where the fight took place. (ew!)

Pip goes on to describe what his life is like at Miss H’s for the next several months:
– he pushes her around in a garden-chair (a light chair on wheels)
– he starts going more often (every other day instead of every other week)
– he and the Miss H become better acquainted, she asking about his future but providing no money or help in the matter
– Estella is around and acting as moody as ever, no more kisses are granted
– Pip often overhears Miss H whispering to Estella to “break their hearts, my pride and hope, break their hearts and have no mercy!”

Poor Pip. He is in for it for sure. Have a great weekend!

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