Art Expectations Day 75


Yeah, Day 75!

Pages 81 & 82:

Pip teaches Estella and Miss Havisham an old blacksmithing folk song. They sing it together as he pushes Miss H around in the garden-chair. It’s really quite catchy:

… hammer boys round – Old Clem!
With a thump and a sound – Old Clem!
Beat it out, beat it out – Old Clem!
With a clink for the stout – Old Clem!
Blow the fire, blow the fire – Old Clem!
Roaring dryer, soaring higher – Old Clem!

Pip admits to not discussing the details of his visits at Miss H’s with his family. He does, however, tell Biddy everything! She seems to have a deep concern for what he tells her. (hmmm….)

Mr Pumblechook often visits Pip’s home to discuss Pip’s future with Mrs Joe. Pip should be apprenticed to Joe as a blacksmith by now. But Mrs Joe and Mr P have other plans for Pip. Joe and Pip have no say  in the matter. Mr Pumblechook supervises Pip as if he is the architect of Pip’s fortune and future.

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