Art Expectations Day 77


Day 77 Page 86

Miss Havisham continues to question Joe about Pip’s blacksmithing apprenticeship. Joe continues to direct his answers to Pip, ignoring Miss H. This really embarrasses Pip, especially in front of Estella.

Miss H offers Joe some money (25 guineas) for Pip’s work (play?) with her at her house. So, Pip’s future is still in-the-air… undecided. Mrs Joe is hoping Miss H will “take on” Pip to provide him some great fortune and a prosperous future. Joe would love for Pip to stay with him and take on the family blacksmithing business. But Joe also does not want to stand in the way of Pip’s future, if Pip is better off doing something else. Pip, I believe at this point, would be happy as a clam being a blacksmith with Joe.

Happy Reading!

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