Art Expectations Day 81



Day 81!

I tried doing a monoprint. I have done this a few times before with kids in my art class. We would carve out designs on flat sheets of styrofoam, roll on some acrylic paint, print onto paper, and TA-DA… really cool prints were made. Today I tried painting with oil paint onto a sheet of glass and then making the print from that. Didn’t turn out so well. I realized my mistake (NO mistakes in art!)… I used the wrong kind of paper. I used a watercolor paper that had a very rough (cold press) texture. I should have used a smoother sheet of paper. I did like how the design looked on the glass so I took a picture of that. I was planning to wipe it off afterwards to be able to use this glass again, but I may leave it and let it dry.

The print made onto paper, was very splotchy, due to the bumps on the rough paper. Not at all what I had hoped for. But it was still workable, so I painted on top of it with more oil paint and came out with a pleasing result. Lessons learned!

Back to the story:    Pip is not enjoying his celebration with the adults at the Blue Boar. They keep telling him to “Stay awake” and “Cheer up”. They are making so much noise that the other patrons are complaining that the Blue Boar is not a circus.

An important bit of information is revealed: Pip realizes for the first time that he no longer wants to be a blacksmith. I believe he has higher aspirations now, after meeting Miss Havisham and Estella.

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