Art Expectations 82


Pip now sees his former life as coarse and common. (Partly because Estella called him this.) He no longer sees the forge “as the glowing road to manhood and independence.” But sees it as weighing him down and holding him back from the finer things in life, of which he got a taste of at Miss Havisham’s. He never mentions this to Joe, but continues on with his blacksmithing apprenticeship. A heavy, blank curtain has dropped upon his life as he looks toward his future as a blacksmith. This is a dark time for Pip. So bleak!

I took a piece of unwanted junk mail, gessoed it and then drew and collaged on top. I really like the Dr. Suess quote at the top. I won a contest on Carla Sonheim’s blog for a $25 gift certificate to Joggles With it I purchased some Derwent Inktense colored pencils. They are really great! I just recently started using my watercolor pencils, even though I have had a nice set of Derwent ones for more than 20 years. These Inktense ones are… well, more intense, of course. It’s so much fun to play around with new tools!

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