Art Expectations Day 85

Altered Book

Pip flies away

I really had fun creating this altered book piece! I worked on it for about 5 days, a little every day.  I trimmed out the pages to be the profile of a bird’s body. LOTS of cutting, and had to replace the knife blade once. I then did some drawing, painting and collage on the inside covers. Coated it all with matte gel medium. And… ta da… done!

Pip is still considering a visit to Miss Havisham’s. (He hasn’t seen her OR Estella in a year.) Joe seems to be talking him out of it. Or at least making sure Pip understands that she may think he is expecting something more from her. Joe suggests that Pip take a thank you gift, something that he himself has learned to make in his first year of training as a blacksmith. Joe suggests some horse shoes, a toasting-fork, screws or perhaps a gridiron. Pip does NOT want to make or take her a gift at all! He is like a little bird wanting to fly away.

Have you tried altering a book? If so, send me link to see what you’ve done!

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