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Art Expectations Day 91

Jail Bird

It’s a very dark, wet, misty and muddy night as Mr Wopsle and Pip make their way home from having tea in town. They run into Orlick who has also spent his half-holiday in town and is looking for company on his way home, so he says. He sings loudly and Pip thinks he is drunk, but he isn’t.

As the three walk on together they hear guns going off down in the marshes by the river. More escaped convicts. Orlick says, “There’s some of the birds flown from the cages … We’d be puzzled how to bring down a jail-bird on the wing, tonight.” Meaning, I think, that it’s a miserable, difficult night to try to hunt down escapees.

I created this cute jail-bird in Illustrator. I think he has escaped!


Art Expectations Day 90!

Pip has Tea
Pip has Tea in Town

I’m back! Took a little vacation from my blog to do my Altered Book Workshop. (Not really a vacation, as such, but it was fun. I’ll post pictures soon!)

Pip leaves Miss Havisham’s feeling down as ever about his poor home life. While wandering about town, he runs into Mr Wopsle who invites him to tea with Pumblechook. During tea, the two men discuss a popular book at the time about a man who gets into lots of trouble and then is hanged (or is it hung?). Throughout the story, the two men glare at and refer to Pip as if HE is the bad man! I am sure they are just trying to warn him. But Pip is uncomfortable.

I did a pretty little painting/collage of a tea cup using a bit of old text for the “tea”. Next I painted on a noose and some swirls in PhotoShop as the cream in the tea.

I’ll be back soon! I am so ready for Fall, cooler weather, pumpkins, Halloween and caramel apples. And of course, THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS and corn dogs!

Pumpkin Art

Edgar Allan Poe Pumpkin
Once upon a midnight dreary…I entered my Poe pumpkin into the Country Living magazine pinterest contest. Please “Like” it for me to have a chance to win! (that is, only if you actually DO like it)

You have to have a pinterest account. It’s easy to set up if you don’t, and free. Then you find them on pinterest… search for the Country Living pumpkin contest board. You can also find it easily here:

Mine above is the one to vote for (Like). Appreciate it! It was fun to create and loved reading the spooky Poe stories. Check them out, your local library should have some!

Art Expectations 89

Silhouette clipper ship
Estella Studies Abroad

I created this silhouette in Illustrator and used an old ship engraving as the background. Gave it all a sepia look.

Page 98:  Mrs Joe starts to calm down so Pip heads upstairs to change clothes for his half-holiday up-town. (YEAH!) When he comes back down, he finds Joe and Orlick sweeping up and sharing a pot of beer from the Jolly Bargemen. All is fine with the world.

Pip finds himself in front of Miss Havisham’s home, debating whether to ring the bell or flee. He rings, but the gate is not answered by Estella, but by Sarah Pocket. Miss H tells him that he had better not expect anything. He doesn’t (except to see Estella). But alas, she is abroad, studying to become a lady. Miss H asks Pip if he feels that he has lost her.

Where is Estella studying? Maybe France. Hope Pip finds her!

Art Expectations Day 88

I have been creating several new altered books lately, getting ready for my next Altered Book Workshop. I feel that in order to teach a workshop that I’ve taught before I need to learn new techniques to find out what to teach/what to change. I want it to be fresh and new, not just for the participants, but for myself also. And the best way to learn new techniques is to do them, rather than only to read about them.

Here I have created a block out of a large square chapter book. Then I cut out shapes right out of the book to create a 3D altered book. I’m please with it!

Page 97:

Mrs Joe calls Joe “the dunder-headed King of the noodles!!!” (I HAVE to do an illustration of this at some point!) She calls Orlick the “blackest-looking and the worst rogue between here (England) and France.” Orlick talks back to her. Joe whispers under his breath to “let her alone.” He knows the consequences he’ll pay with his wife. Mrs Joe freaks out and goes into a frenzy. How can Orlick speak to her that way, and with her husband standing by???  So, Joe and Orlick start fighting and soon Orlick is “among the coal-dust.” Joe, having won, carries Mrs Joe into the house. Pip is a witness to it all! Hopefully, soon Pip will take his half-holiday up-town to visit Miss Havisham and Estella.

Altered Book Workshop


I am busy planning my next workshop! It’ll be in Richardson Texas, at the Richardson Public Library, on September 22, from 10:30 am – 1 pm. If you want to come, please let me know. (Just north of Dallas)

This is my fourth workshop here and we have always had a lot of fun. Check out samples on my Altered Book Tab above. I’ll post more soon. (I’ve been busy!)

Art Expectations Day 87

ay 87
Pip asks Joe for a half-holiday (half day off). He plans to go up-town to visit Estella and Miss Havisham. Orlick, the journeyman (blacksmithing assistant), also asks for a half-holiday, saying that Joe should not choose favorites. (He feels threatened by Pip if you ask me.) Orlick loses his temper, scaring Pip by pretending to stab Pip with a red-hot bar right out of the furnace. Joe tells him to “cool down” before he’ll give them his answer about the holiday.

Joe’s decision? A half-holiday for everyone! (Mrs Joe overhears and is not happy!)

For this piece, I cut out a page of an old board book for children. I coated it with white acrylic to start with, but left some of the original book showing. (It’s a circus scene.) I painted half of the word “holiday” right under a flap. Then added a very quickly drawn Estella, complete with red eyes. Painted Miss Havisham’s house on the outside of the flap, an anvil on the inside with the word “Bye!” (Pip might be saying good-bye to his blacksmithing days… trading them in for days up-town with more refined folk. Can’t wait to see what happens when Pip shows up at Miss H’s house!