Art Expectations Day 88


I have been creating several new altered books lately, getting ready for my next Altered Book Workshop. I feel that in order to teach a workshop that I’ve taught before I need to learn new techniques to find out what to teach/what to change. I want it to be fresh and new, not just for the participants, but for myself also. And the best way to learn new techniques is to do them, rather than only to read about them.

Here I have created a block out of a large square chapter book. Then I cut out shapes right out of the book to create a 3D altered book. I’m please with it!

Page 97:

Mrs Joe calls Joe “the dunder-headed King of the noodles!!!” (I HAVE to do an illustration of this at some point!) She calls Orlick the “blackest-looking and the worst rogue between here (England) and France.” Orlick talks back to her. Joe whispers under his breath to “let her alone.” He knows the consequences he’ll pay with his wife. Mrs Joe freaks out and goes into a frenzy. How can Orlick speak to her that way, and with her husband standing by???  So, Joe and Orlick start fighting and soon Orlick is “among the coal-dust.” Joe, having won, carries Mrs Joe into the house. Pip is a witness to it all! Hopefully, soon Pip will take his half-holiday up-town to visit Miss Havisham and Estella.


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