Art Expectations 89

Silhouette clipper ship

Estella Studies Abroad

I created this silhouette in Illustrator and used an old ship engraving as the background. Gave it all a sepia look.

Page 98:  Mrs Joe starts to calm down so Pip heads upstairs to change clothes for his half-holiday up-town. (YEAH!) When he comes back down, he finds Joe and Orlick sweeping up and sharing a pot of beer from the Jolly Bargemen. All is fine with the world.

Pip finds himself in front of Miss Havisham’s home, debating whether to ring the bell or flee. He rings, but the gate is not answered by Estella, but by Sarah Pocket. Miss H tells him that he had better not expect anything. He doesn’t (except to see Estella). But alas, she is abroad, studying to become a lady. Miss H asks Pip if he feels that he has lost her.

Where is Estella studying? Maybe France. Hope Pip finds her!

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