Art Expectations Day 90!

Pip has Tea

Pip has Tea in Town

I’m back! Took a little vacation from my blog to do my Altered Book Workshop. (Not really a vacation, as such, but it was fun. I’ll post pictures soon!)

Pip leaves Miss Havisham’s feeling down as ever about his poor home life. While wandering about town, he runs into Mr Wopsle who invites him to tea with Pumblechook. During tea, the two men discuss a popular book at the time about a man who gets into lots of trouble and then is hanged (or is it hung?). Throughout the story, the two men glare at and refer to Pip as if HE is the bad man! I am sure they are just trying to warn him. But Pip is uncomfortable.

I did a pretty little painting/collage of a tea cup using a bit of old text for the “tea”. Next I painted on a noose and some swirls in PhotoShop as the cream in the tea.

I’ll be back soon! I am so ready for Fall, cooler weather, pumpkins, Halloween and caramel apples. And of course, THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS and corn dogs!

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