Art Expectations Day 93


Nothing seems to be stolen from Pip’s home after the attack on Mrs Joe. The only thing unusual found was a convict’s leg-iron that seems to have been cut-off a while back (not recent). Pip believes his convict (the one he aided at the beginning of the story) is not responsible for this crime. In his opinion the attacker was either Orlick or the strange man at the Three Jolly Bargemen who showed him the file. Most likely not Orlick, as he was seen about town that evening on his half-holiday. Pip feels horrible as he ponders the fact that he may have helped provide the weapon used on his sister!

I created a collage using two of my favorite colors: yellow ochre and blue-gray. I glued on a bit of a photo of Poe’s grave site (just because I love this picture and it was handy when I reached out for something to use). Then I did a print of a tombstone I carved out of styrofoam, drew around that and added more yellow ochre acrylic paint. Still not sure if Mrs Joe is alive or dead!

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