Art Expectations Day 94


Sometimes I just don’t understand Dickens at all! I totally did not get what he was saying on the top of page 103. It’s that old English, I guess. Anyway, Pip is tormented by the secret he has long held from Joe about his aiding the convict. Detectives hang around the house and the Three Jolly Bargemen for weeks trying to frame someone for the crime upon Mrs Joe. No one is found guilty. But wait – ah, ha! Mrs Joe is NOT dead! But “very ill in bed.” Her sight, hearing, speech and memory are disturbed.

To communicate with Joe and Pip, she writes on a slate what she wants. It’s a problem sometimes because she has very bad spelling and Joe is such a poor reader. So things get mixed up. (Hilarious!) Such as: administration of mutton instead of medicine, the baker is mistaken for bacon. Her temper is better though and she’s more patient. This goes on for months…

White chalk on dark grey acrylic paint on paper. I wasn’t even sure what mutton was! I thought it was beef or maybe moose-meat! LOL We just don’t eat that here in the States or at least we don’t call it that. It’s meat from a mature sheep apparently. Not a very appetizing name. Baaaaaaa

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